58 01.07.2024 by The Royal Studio

And then it hit:
green screen, sunscreen, watermelon. Is it too soon to start dreaming
in watermelon?

57 05.12.2023 by The Royal Studio

56 16.06.2023 by The Royal Studio

It is not the center
of a lot anymore.
At least it doesn't
seem like it.

55 05.07.2023 by The Royal Studio

54 16.06.2023 by The Royal Studio

They had
no humour at all.
They had language
and they were afraid.

52 13.03.2023 by The Royal Studio

51 06.02.2023 by The Royal Studio

But once in motion
like much else in our lives,
there is never an option
to have dinner.

50 28.11.2022 by The Royal Studio

49 14.11.2022 by The Royal Studio

To convince is sterile.

48 25.05.2022 by The Royal Studio

47 03.05.2022 by The Royal Studio

If what we are saying is
in what is being said.

If what we are eating is
in what is being eaten.

46 07.03.2022 by The Royal Studio

45 03.02.2022 by The Royal Studio

44 28.11.2021 by The Royal Studio

And the squirrels
only find 20%
of the nuts that they hide.

43 16.11.2021 by The Royal Studio

This sunday
I had loneliness for lunch
with Kombucha.

42 29.07.2021 by The Royal Studio

And experience
nonrelative absolute.
This field is eternal.

41 15.06.2021 by The Royal Studio

40 29.03.2021 by The Royal Studio

39 25.03.2021 by Mature Baby

Senta-te: Voa-me a cair.

38 08.02.2021 by Ana Types Type

37 08.02.2021 by Camden Fenton

Security is purchased at the cost of sanity.

36 20.01.2021 by The Royal Studio

35 07.12.2020 by The Royal Studio

When the people started to believe in the same things the neon lights were gone.

34 21.11.2020 by The Royal Studio

33 12.11.2020 by The Royal Studio

No neutral room.

No neutral discourse.

No objective room.

No objective discourse.

32 07.10.2020 by Daniel Rodrigues

31 25.09.2020 by Catarina Freitas

Bad people
become mouses and
good people become dolphins.

30 21.09.2020 by The Royal Studio

30 09.09.2020 by Gustavo Carreiro

I brought my past self today.

30 04.08.2020 by Ana Resende

29 02.08.2020 by Pedro Mota

Creation comes out of the body and mind such as sweat pours out in a marathon to nowhere, like rats in a wheel.

28 28.07.2020 by Alecsandru

27 27.07.2020 by The Royal Studio


26 24.07.2020 by The Royal Studio

25 22.07.2020 by The Royal Studio

When I was born,
everything stood still
as it was before.

24 14.07.2020 by The Royal Studio

23 06.07.2020 by The Royal Studio

Everything emerges
as a consequence.

22 24.06.2020 by The Royal Studio

21 28.06.2020 by The Royal Studio

When I woke up, I found a plot hole in my head.

20 11.06.2020 by The Royal Studio

19 27.05.2020 by The Royal Studio

Common sense is a struggle
against mystification.

18 18.05.2020 by The Royal Studio

17 02.05.2020 by The Royal Studio

There is a hole in my inbox.
I wonder if that’s me.

16 28.04.2020 by The Royal Studio

15 13.04.2020 by The Royal Studio

I stir between polychrome fluids. Most of our conversations are those that tone enthusiasm. I know how to create ambiguity well enough to be all seduction from afar.

14 01.04.2020 by The Royal Studio

One should be very polite and smile to the public.
Mainly because we are often dressed as ego.

13 27.03.2020 by The Royal Studio

12 14.03.2020 by The Royal Studio

Her 19 years full of scars are the mutilated statue of truth. Bravery is a tale of history and charm. Tend to believe it is sold in 99.cent sockets for 4G access.

11 03.03.2020 by The Royal Studio

“Stamina, I heard, football and museums.”10 million steps up while 93 kg is the weight of a human body.”You can be a woman and be quite anti-feminist. A male-woman.”I guarantee you that’s a fun thing.“East and the West, Syria, People defending, you know. ”Less work, right?”

11 16.02.2020 by The Royal Studio

I have always been prone to moonless nights and empty concepts. How many poems can I read before I see a prison or an empty chocolate bar?
Rarely It happens that I sleep alone but when I do I do wonder how many houses are there that are as silent.

10 05.02.2020 by The Royal Studio

Imagine if we were couting sheeps as if we were 27.

09 28.01.2020 by The Royal Studio

That could be that we are spinning. 

08 17.01.2020 by The Royal Studio

Only the real negation of culture can inherit culture’s meaning.
Such negation can no longer remain cultural.

07 02.01.2020 by The Royal Studio

That could be therapy.

06 31.12.2019 by The Royal Studio

I suspect that the visual arts are smaller than literature.

05 12.12.2019 by The Royal Studio

At dinner, to contextualize design as content driven is to instrumentalize pizza.

04 28.11.2019 by The Royal Studio

A stalker of the addicted with catalystic features.
It’s a different world now. 

03 15.11.2019 by The Royal Studio

That could be happiness.

02 21.10.2019 by The Royal Studio

In a relational reality. We emulate.

01 21.09.2019 by The Royal Studio

Oh no, not tomorrow.
That is what we’ll do:
we’ll create monuments;
we’ll laugh;
we’ll build an argument.