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06.04.2021 — New thoughts were added to $ by The Royal Studio Seduction for a night-in.
05.04.2021 — Adobe Arch01 Map Houses Such as Astral Charts were uploaded to Home.

29.03.2021 — Two interviews granted to Naomi LamparielloDafne Van Dooren (BE) were uploaded to Words.
15.03.2021—Alexandre Bazin album Concorde and singles It Comes in Waves, Dunes, Supercollider & Swollen Seas were uploaded to Home.

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It is aware in real-time. Cinematic bursts and electricity. Optimist painted blue. Diurnal state of being aware with the night. Nocturnal state of being awake with the morning. Evolving through 24 hours, it cycles through time with a natural sense. Diurnal state of being awake with the night. A metamorphosis in the landscape. It speaks 5 tracks with daylight; one along with the sunset; and waves to the moon 4 times. Liquid in suburbia. Landscapes of memories over clouds of neon: colored lenses. A weightless state of hovering a tree and a memory. Hot wind casting shadows. Semi-blue reflected orange, neon presence sign. Metallic. Between wayfinding and emotions.

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19.03.2021 — Criatório, 2021’s identity for a CMP Câmara Municipal do Porto that supports artistic projects in the context of the city awarding 25 15.000€ for new projects and curatorship programmes that are made and designed to be exhibited in the strict limits of the city.

17.02.2021—Interview and playlist for Giacomo Felace FricoDisco was added to Words. — 20.01.2021—Modern Dancing, Whitehaus was uploaded to Instagram — 30.12.2020—ESAD invited us to reflect on 2020, wishing 2021 to be good. We did it in order to balance the skies — 18.12.2021—Criatório, a cultural programme offering funds for the development of art programmes was designed and uploaded to Instagram.

07.12.2020—When people started to believe the same things the neon lights were long gone. 21.11.2020—Tepid opinions: Unsatisfying work. 17.11.2020—No Neutral Room, No Neutral Discourse; No Objective Room, No Objective Discourse. — The Royal contributed with their thoughts to the world, updated in $.


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How to Bomb the U.S. Gov’t
— Books

07.10.2020 — Catarina Freitas, Daniel Rodrigues, and The Royal contributed with their thoughts to the world, updated in $ Better Half, an identity poster, system was uploaded to projects expanding on the role of posters for cinema. A process of storytelling in which minimal graphic action can grow with and beyond the original story.

14.09.2020 — It’s Nice That Interview was uploaded into Words. — Pedro Mota, Alecsandru, Ana Resende & Gustavo Carreiro contributed with their thoughts to the world, updated in $ PIGEON, Facilitators of Culture, An identity based on air, observation, cultural identity and flying pigeons, was uploaded to Cultural identity Projects.

22.07.2020 — AIGA Interview was uploaded into Words. — There are also reflections on how the world is a burrito, updated in $ — This website is currently under construction. As is the world and its ways. It is expected never to be completed, but so far it is quite at the begginning, documenting projects when The Royal decided that it is time to bask in self-indulgence. It might also occur that this website is updated while applying lotion on the skin, or in the aftermath of not answering calls in the middle of the afternoon anymore because every entity needs me-time. Even a design studio needs to brush its teeth from time to time. 

A project that visualizes outcomes from lives that could have been but never were, built strictly from noting bits of conversations from strangers while traveling in their commute. An ongoing visual reflection about the supermundane, instrumentalizing stolen thoughts in their respective time, to build a satiric critique around a globalized sate of meaning.

Pink, yes, we are royal. The Royal Studio is a blue vortex. It has deep and purple approach to the design wonders. The Royal is red. Methodic. Scientific. Moves green and creates teal. The Royal has fun, knows not how to be funny and plays violet like a monkey on metabolic orange with a passion for reason. Contextual. Playful. Loyal to culture. Royal to black.

This is an monumental book about adrenaline, comedy, extremely violent political commentary with a sarcastic tone. Designed in line with schizophrenia, we’ve opted to feed on velocity and dig deep in the universe of ephemera and fanzine to depict the history of Million Dollar Extreme.

11.07.2020 — A new interview for Étapes, by Margot Mourrier, was uploaded into Words. — A new essay, written as a manifesto for critical anxiety as a tool for modernity, state of play and gasoline was uploaded into Words. — The description that follows the Everything, Everyone, Everyone exhibition at Porto design Biennale was uploaded into Words.

To design this event is to be aware that reality doesn't come single-handed in a multi-dimensional presence. Taking action in London, United in Code is therefore a statement embracing the UE motto to tackle the unified web — a network where ideas thrive and frontiers are made irrelevant


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“Few images come closer to reality than those recorded by surveillance cameras. In China, a country with strict film censorship, an estimated 200 million such cameras have been installed to capture life unfiltered; mundane daily activities are mixed with dramatic events beyond the realm of imagination.”

Dragonfly Eyes
— Exhibition