United in Code, This was the motto for the graphic system of this year's The Lovie Awards. 

Client: The Lovie Awards
Creative Director: Jeff Zemetis
Collaborators: https://anatypestype.com/

To thrive in a challenging web environment is as relevant to the code as it is to the growing dynamics of society. The Lovies are a celebration of what is groundbreaking in web platforms, embracing the realities of relational structures, evolving technology, thought-provoking social behaviors, ongoing technological advances, social awareness, political movements while still loving gifs and cats.
To have the honor to design this event is to be aware that reality doesn't come single-handed in a multi-dimensional presence. Taking action in London, United in Code is therefore a statement embracing the UE motto to tackle the unified web — a network where ideas thrive and frontiers are made irrelevant.

Designed and developed with code and generative processes, breaking grounds between software and society, ladies and gentleman: 2016.