“What's with the title? this book took shape between 2012 and 2016, which was a very *dark* and _comedyNightmare_ time for us, a time of psychic-spiritual bombings of The Soul. This is our protestation against Toxic Hellworld Culture™, including but not limited to: nihilism, people who don't know what to do with debt/money, BPA incl. touching receipts and plastic water bottles, new music genres, cybernetic private-part-augmentation, women who *actually* deserve ~it~ (you know what I mean), and Bad Sex Play™. It's everything you know and love about MDE, and more, in traditional 2D format, so you can print it out and have something to look @ after the inevitable "Russian" EMP attack. Cheers gents.”

Year: 2016
Client: Million Dollar Extreme
Project by: Sam Hyde, Nick Rochefort, Charls "Coors" Carroll, et al.
Collaborators: Non-Verbal Club, Ana Types Type
This is an monumental book about adrenaline, comedy, extremely violent political commentary with a sarcastic tone. Designed in line with schizophrenia, we’ve opted to feed on velocity and dig deep in the universe of ephemera and fanzine to depict the history of Million Dollar Extreme. The book was designed over the course of 1 year.

This project shows the editorial-sculpture that was flown over the Atlantic ocean more than 3 times, collecting thoughts between us and Sam Hyde. This is not the final book but instead it is the record of all the interactions, demonstrating the fun and the gut in the process.

Most of the post its were kept in the final project.

*These pages have been designed together and along with the great Non-Verbal Club and Ana Types Type.