Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, designed for Porto Design Biennale commissioned by José Bártolo for  MIllennials — Design do Novo Milénio Galeria Municipal do Porto.

A project that visualizes outcomes from lives that could have been but never were, built strictly from noting bits of conversations from strangers while traveling in their commute. An ongoing visual reflection about the supermundane, instrumentalizing stolen thoughts in their respective time, to build a satiric critique around a globalized sate of meaning.

Year: 2019
Client: Porto Design Biennale
Curated by: José Bártolo
Production: ESAD—IDEA

Opening Photos: Renato Cruz Santos
Everything Everyone Everywhere Photos: Alexandre Delmar

[Update Covid-19 Pandemic 2020] Everything, Everyone Everywhere was a humorous punch on a globalized identity crisis that turned into a universal call for empathy amid a pandemic reality. From sarcasm to a universal call for unity, it is as contextual as it initially intended.

"[...]That is natural — even for us. - Stamina, I heard, football and museums. - 10 million steps up while 93 kg is the weight of a human body. - East and the West, Syria, People defending, you know. - Less work, right? - A friend of mine lives by the lake. - White slim jeans. - While they go down, the cilings go up and the stairs stay. - If in doubt, wear blue. - We’ll be closed from august to nevermore. - Here, drink some water first. - Mainly because I am often dressed as ego. - Cairo people are really beautiful. Really beautiful human beings. - Have a good trip to utopia. - I took your purse and rubbed it in the sand. - Make me my makeup as if I was young. - That could be therapy. It is the transparency. The honesty. The psychotic breaks. - to get up in the morning. - You know, it’s just like that. - It is a different world now. - I feel like I am following breadcrumbs. - I didn’t remember it was going to end. - Sometimes I drink water, other times I don’t know[...]".