Musonautas, to build a book as a testimony of a savage history in the not-so-and-also-underground culture of independent music from Porto over 5 decades.

Year: 2019
Client: Câmara Municipal do Porto
Edited by: Galeria Municipal do Porto
Photography: Luís Espinheira
Collaborators: Ana Resende
Catalog design for the exhibition “Musonautas: Visões e Avarias”, in Galeria Municipal do Porto. A book that travels through the restless growth of musical landscapes, over 5 decades, in the city of Porto. The city has a peculiar history in the growth of alternative, progressive and independent musical projects that mix languages, arts and politics. This book converses with an amazing plethora of ephemera, albums, essays and collective memories.

*These pages have been designed as part of Studio Degrau, together with Ana Areias, Raquel Rei & Tiago Campeã with the collaboration of Ana Resende.