We have worked Bicep's Isles as part of a meta-environment where frozen body movements create sculptural memories of past dance moves. It is part of a collection of moments that have been. Created in a state of suspension, we were inspired by the material nature of their songs and fed on the complexity and richness of Bicep's sound textures.

Client: Bicep
Label: Ninja Tune

By freezing moments in time as if we were Dadaist photographers capturing full movements in a frame, we've built a system that expresses the spectrum of emotions that live in the echo of the rhythms in the body.

To allow movements to be seen from a distance is an act of memory, such as the state of suspension fuelled by techno on the dance floor or the memory of the sounds in the morning after. Isles has multiple covers as well as a lot of different angles of such sculptures in the overall campaign that expands the imagery of the album into the world of billboards, merchandising, announcement assets, and live performances.

The fluorescent colors and direct pigments of the printed album electrify the physical nature of vinyl. They were chosen to dance, to ignite gasoline, and pulse light. A neon-flash.

*Designed as part of Studio Degrau, together with Ana Areias, Raquel Rei & Tiago Campeã.